A one-day workshop – 27th June – Birmingham, UK. Presentations.

RossBarlow. Technical Features and Operational Experience. Alex Bevan, David Book, Rex Harris (UoB) and Andreas Zuttel (EMPA Switzerland)

ElectricBoats, Past,Present and Future: Sylvia and Ian Rutter.

The HydrogenFuelled Bristol Ferry. Jas Singh.MD, Auriga Energy Ltd

Ralf Plump of Germanischer Lloyd SE  of  Hamburg Germany. A Vision for a Zero Emission Container Feeder Vessel 

The Turkish Hydrogen Boat: Murat Gurhan. Atakan Askinci, Istanbul Technical University

Inland Waterways: An Italian PerspectiveChris Harris: Supply Chain Consultant

Hydrogen Cycle for a Self Sufficient Accommodation Unit: Andreas Zuttel.
EMPA Dubendorf, Switzerland


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